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DMS can efficiently service small family run businesses to large corporate companies across South Africa, assisting them in complying with the country's strict air quality regulations.

Our services comprise the fabrication of portable single bucket and multidirectional units, site establishment, the placing of units, regular sample collection, filtration and data analysis, as well as unit rentals for short-term projects.

All collection and measurement of dust fall out is done in accordance with ASTM D1739, the standard testing method under the National Dust Control Regulations.

Constructed from mild steel, which is electroplated and powder coated, and stainless steel for longevity, DMS dust monitoring units are built to last in even the harshest environments.


Our multi directional units have been developed as practical, almost failure-proof devices that are not dependant on external power supplies and which will operate in the most hostile and unforgiving conditions.

The units are limited to only one moving part and are totally wind operated, making them an ideal choice for isolated locations as well as both permanent and temporary installations.


Our single buckets were designed purely to monitor total dust fallout for a given location and for when exported and imported fallout data is not required.

All our units have been fabricated by ourselves to insure the best possible quality and therefore insuring we receive accurate data. For ease of transport, most units are supplied in a knockdown form.
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