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Dust Monitoring Services (Pty) Ltd (DMS) is a professional dust control and monitoring solutions provider capable of supplying turnkey or tailored packages to effectively meet our client's specific needs.

Our services comprise the fabrication of portable single bucket and multidirectional units, site establishment, the placing of units, regular sample collection, filtration and data analysis, as well as unit rentals for short-term projects.

All collection and measurement of dust fall out is done in accordance with ASTM D1739, the current standard testing method under the National Dust Control Regulations.


The acceptable dust fall rate in a residential area must average less than 600 mg/m2 a day over 30 days. The acceptable dust fall rate in a nonresidential area must average less than 1 200 mg/m2 a day over 30 days. These dust fall levels may not be exceeded more than two months in a year and may not be consecutive.

Dust from a factory, plant, haulage road, construction site, or mine, rises into the air owing to thermal action, wind velocity or by other means and, depending on the particulate size and wind velocity, begins to fall out once the immediate effects begin to dissipate.

Any person who conducts an activity in such a way as to give rise to dust in quantities and concentrations that may exceed the dust fall standard must, upon receipt of a notice from the air quality officer, implement a dust fall monitoring programme, which includes a network of dust monitoring points.
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